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What people are saying ...

"In the enchanted Kingdom of Bridge Athletics, the Wizard (Coach Greg) coached me to perform all sorts of extremely demanding activities.
To my astonishment, both my physical being and personality were utterly transformed."
Brian B.
"I am pushed at Bridge and I never feel “left behind”. I regularly finish last in any WOD – and that’s ok - because I am focusing on getting better and I AM improving.
Don’t be afraid to change your life with Bridge."
Marc B.
"Bridge offers you a chance to become part of a solid and supportive community starting with the coaches and continuing to your fellow members. Coach Greg has created an atmosphere where you are not just a member of a gym but also a member of a family."
"In the Bridge environment, we aren’t there to beat each other; we support and motivate each other.
This happens because of the people who are involved and it comes from the top down."
Marc B after Nutrition Seminar - May 2018
"Thank you for the wonderful community that you create at the gym.
I look forward to going and after every workout, I leave feeling inspired."
Debbie B.
"As a Cardiovasularly trained triathlete with little functional strength. I couldn’t throw a ball to my kid . . .
Now, I’m ~15 lbs heavier and completely without limitations. "
Ryan B.
"Why join Bridge? Because Bridge is unlike any other Cross-fit box. Bridge offers its members yoga classes, HIIT classes and barbell classes at no additional cost! It`s a no-brainer."
"Coach Greg works hard to maintain the community by setting up continuous events like game night, holiday parties, going away parties, hikes and many other bonding activities to ensure that friendships made in the gym have a chance to grow. If you are new to the area, a membership gives you a great opportunity to make amazing friendships
and keeps you as active as you want to be. "
"Bridge isn`t a gym, it isn`t a Crossfit, it isn`t personal training, its so much more and it`s so much better! Go in and try a free first class, meet the coaches and immediately you will see why Bridge isn`t the best option, it`s the ONLY option!"
Andrea S.
"Bridge Athletics is the best community I have been a part of in the 3 years I have been doing CrossFit. From the coaches to the members, I have experienced such a kind, positive, and motivating community. The best decision I have made was joining such a great community!"
Brittany S.



Fueling Your Fitness




Personal Training packages are designed specifically for you to meet your personal fitness goals through one on one training. During your first assessment, your trainer will evaluate your current level of fitness, learn about your personal fitness goals and create an individualized training plan for you. The plan is designed to develop long lasting, positive changes to your health, physical fitness and overall well being.
Packages available for 12 sessions, 8 sessions, 4 sessions or single sessions.

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